Benefits of window film

Window film (also know as window tint) is a micro-thin protective barrier installed on the interior of your existing windows. It allows in the right amount of light to maintain a comfortable interior environment, but reduces the harmful rays that cause fading, excessive heat gain, harsh glare and our newest films even RETAIN heat in the winter. We carry a wide range of tints, colors and textures from VISTA®, Enerlogic® and Llumar® to address all your sun control needs.

Safety & Security

The glass on windows and doors can be a vulnerable entry point into a home, office or school. Most buildings do not have fortified glass to prevent shattering, resulting in potentially easy access through the windows. Safety and Security window film installation is a common security enhancement for building. Securing entryway, first-floor and other exposed glass is critical in helping thwart dangerous intruders. Clear safety film is thicker than traditional window film and increases the shatter resistance of glass, thereby slowing entry to a building. Tinted solar safety film offers the same protection while enhancing comfort and energy efficiency. 

This video demonstrates how effective window film can be at slowing unwanted entry. 


Window film helps even out temperatures in your home or office to make interior environments more comfortable. It reduces the amount of unwanted heat and UV entering through your windows, the source of your thermostat woes.

At the height of the summer, heat is entering through the windows, and warming up your spaces. This "heat gain" is forcing your HVAC unit to work overtime, especially in "sunny" rooms, where hot spots are virtually impossible to keep cool. During the winter, a special line of Low-E films can also help keep your heated air inside, where you need it most.

Eye strain and glare is another concern shared by many businesses and homes alike. Computer screens and TVs feature prominently in spaces and require a reduction in visible light to increase view-ability and reduce eyestrain. An application of tinted window film can reduce glare by as much as 95% allowing you to see your TV and keep your view.


VISTA® window film blocks 99.9% of the harmful UV rays that cause fading and deterioration. New objects or old, your furnishings, fabrics, flooring and artwork should look as pristine and perfect as the day you bought it, and they will - with an application of window film. Remorse may fade, but the things around you shouldn’t.

Protect your furnishings, and yourself. Incidental sun exposure, like sitting in front of a window during breakfast or at your desk, accounts for approximately 80% of your total lifetime sun exposure. VISTA®, window film blocks 99.9% of those damaging UV rays. The National Cancer Institute estimates that 40-50% of Americans who live to age 65 will have at least one episode of skin cancer. Don’t be a statistic; embrace the beauty of the sun guilt free.


What good is a window if the blinds are always drawn?

Windows add character and uniqueness to your home or office. Don’t hide your true self from the outside world with blinds, shades, shutters or curtains. Keep the view you paid for and let the decorative accents be the icing on your cake.

Window film can be used as a savvy décor accent on virtually any flat surface. Decorative films are perfect to update the look of various glass accents without having to spend thousands on new windows or flat glass. Perfect for bathrooms, entryways, shower enclosures, conference rooms and so much more!


Window film might be the best thing to happen to your windows, and our environment, since glass.

An application of window film in your home can greatly reduce (10% or more in most applications) your electric usage. 25-40% of a structure’s cooling requirement is due to solar energy entering through the glass, and according to the California Energy Commission, America’s homes and buildings account for nearly 50% of all energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions each year!  *For large format office buildings this could be as much as 200,000 kilowatt hours!

Take the LEED. VISTA® window film can help commercial structures qualify for up to 8 LEED Green Building Certification Credits. VISTA window film’s state-of-the-art performance values provide a reduction of energy consumption, one of the 5 key areas of LEED certification. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. A comprehensive approach to sustainability, LEED-certified buildings reduce operating costs, produce healthier and more efficient occupants and conserve our natural resources.

Energy Star. VISTA® window film is considered an optimization of energy efficiency by ENERGY STAR, and will help you work towards earning the ENERGY STAR rating for your commercial building. A joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy the ENERGY STAR program has aggressive energy rating systems that require the reduction of total ownership cost of the facility, improve the energy efficiency and water conservation, provide safe, healthy and productive environments and promote sustainable environmental stewardship.