Hospital Improves energy efficiency

The Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Systems Hospital in Mattoon, IL worked with Pepco Energy Services to explore ways to make the Hospital more energy efficient. Thirty-seven different Energy Conservation Measures were identified and potential savings quantified. Initially SBLH chose the top seven ECM's and tinting the existing windows with our LLumar R20 Silver window film made the list. With a projected payback of less than three years, SBLH is saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. Clients and employees benefit from the enhanced temperature control and glare reduction.

crown liquors protects merchandise

Indiana based Crown Liquors wanted to protect their inventory from the ravages of the sun without losing the ability for customers to see into the store. SOLARIS provided a solution with a combination of film and adjustable solar shades for maximum temperature control and protection, with minimal impact on the view. The shades can be lowered when the sun is at its peak intensity and raised the rest of the time for visibility. The window film is stopping UV rays and heat (damaging inventory and delicate wines) 24/7 with a light tint. Crown liquors has protected ALL of their stores with this sun control solution. 

Cook with wine, don't cook your wine. 

indiana design center controls the sun

The Indiana Design Center, Indiana's Home for Design in Carmel is a beautiful commercial building with lots of windows. The tenants were dealing with the typical array of issues resulting from uncontrolled sunlight - glare, fading and excessive heat. Carmel based Pedcor owns and operates the IDC and was concerned about changing the exterior appearance of the property. SOLARIS specified our popular Vista Harmony Ceramic window film to offer maximum protection with minimal change in look. Tenant merchandise is now protected from fading and temperature swings are controlled.